Thursday, 6 September 2012


We R Crazy....We R Loud....We R Kingdomites......

“The man that hath no music in himself, nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds, is fit for treasons, strategies and spoils. The motions of his spirit are dull as night and his affections, dark as Erebus. Let no such man be trusted.” – SHAKESPEARE.

Music indeed turns most people on. Be it M.S.Subbulakshmi, Beethoven, Mozart, Michael Jackson or Madonna, the brain responds. Music is an integral part of all societies, existing in a number of styles, each characteristic of a geographical region or a historical era.
This issue is dedicated to Music, portraying the wonder of music and what music means to so many people…

-Sandhiya R    (Creative Team ) 

Monday, 3 September 2012

I Love Music..

               When the Pupil Buzz members told me that the theme for this month was MUSIC, I was delighted. Music is something that I look up to whenever I want to relax my mind.
               I have no other choice but my all-time favorite is ISAIGNANI ILAYARAJA. Listening to his compositions take me over to another world. Music helps me to regain composure even during the most stressful moments.
                   I would recommend MUSIC to all those who are stressed and need a break.

-Mrs.Sujatha Kannan.

The Sweetest Music..

There are voices that I hold in memory
      Those I lost them long ago
But the voice of one “altogether sweet”
       Is the sweetest music of all I know.

The song of jubilee that sweeps our land and sea
       One word of hope and cheer
The voice of one “altogether comely”
       Is the sweetest music of all I know.
The sweetest music...

The psalm of gladness that is sweeter than angel’s voice
        Makes the weak heart strong and brave
The voice of one “altogether lovely”
        Is the sweetest music of all I know.

Oh! This precious perfect music, that keeps the heart aglow
        Streaming from the fountain of love
The voice of one “altogether peaceful”
        Is the sweetest music of all I know.

The song of love that makes melody in my heart
        To the one, my dearest treasure
The voice of one “altogether sweet”
        Is the sweetest music of all I know.
-          Jessie John.   

Survey: My Favourite Musician

Favourite Musicians of The Little Kingdom

Friday, 31 August 2012

Love Music ...

Life's Too short ... Listen to Music ...

- Durgeshwaran B

Just Rock It !

Without Music Life Would Be a Mistake ...

Music gives soul to the universe ...

Music The Soul Of Universe ...

Music Rocks ...

Music Rockzzz ...

Why I Love Music ?

It all started a couple of years back, when my connection to music grew like never before. I was hooked to it.. Literally, that there was no turning back. I got this feeling of freedom every time I plugged in my iPod. It was the great feeling of great music. Music brings in that harmony into your soul, that perfect stress buster in the morning or something to calm you down in the evenings and nights and also at time as a source to vent out your anger. Music has always been my friend whenever I needed her. As a companion and a friend during the darkest of days or the happiest of them too. It’s such a wonderful feeling when you go on a drive, plug in your iPod to your stereo, tune on to your favorite playlist and just go with the flow. Music synergizes so well with my life that I’d never give it up or stop listening to it.

My musical influences have always been heavy, in your face, melodious and also a lot of those ‘Favorite Girls’ too. Girls like AvrilLavigne, Cherri Bomb and The Veronicas would always make me go ‘Star struck’ with their music. Melody and peppy numbers from Tamil and Hindi keep me sane and keep my feet tapping. Linkin Park, Green Day, Blink 182 and The White Stripes are the reason why my stereo is so loud on any given day. Finally..Megadeth, Lamb of God, In Flames, Black Sabbath and Dream Theater bring out my personality ‘I like Heavy and Heavy music is good’. But it was one band, which has always influenced me from the days when I was a mindless and happy teenager. It was always my gods of rock and roll ‘Metallica’. James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammet and Robert Trullijo are four people whom I respect a lot for making me a better person with their heavy music. The huge poster on my wall suggests the same. They have been there when I was alone, happy or sad giving me that boost of inspiration and saying ‘Don’t give up’ or ‘Dish out all your anger’. It’s been a great feeling to have their music a part of my life.
This is VivekGouthamKannan and this is my life, my music and I love every single moment of it. ‘Nothing Else Matters’ \m/ \m/... Peace….

- Vivek Goutham K
 Staff Coordinator

I Love Music ...

Music is what feelings sound like ...


Beauty of Music ...

Music washes away from the Soul the Dust of Everyday Life ...


Music Tree ...

Music tree....

                                                                                              -J.Pon Ishwarya

Life Is a Song ...

Life is a Song ...


Life is A Piano ...

Life - A Piano ...
    “Life is like a piano. The white keys represent happiness and black keys show sadness, but as you go through life’s journey remember that the black keys too make music.” 

- Mr. Allan Joseph
  School Counsellor

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Power Of Melody ...

Maladies will vanish themselves,
when the desire for melody is magnetized.
Unbalanced mood will soothe itself,
Power Of melody ...
as the pill leaves an effective impinge.
Silent eeriness is defeated by this foe,
which ironically etches itself in all thumping hearts.
Idyllic atmosphere springs up,
when this lifeless creature floats in air.
Camoflaged lively in this biological sphere,
it freshens the breath of the wrenched ones.
Absolutely it’s this magical music,
that drives away the impression of sullen gloominess.
Lovely passion should proliferate on her,
so that the world maintains youthfulness with ecstasy.

- Kani Mozhi S

Music Is My Soul ...

Music is an art that entertains us and also plays an entertaining role in our life. There are also many types of music that includes karnatic, western, and classical music. Some try taking music as an important role in their life because famous singers like A.R.Rahman who was known to the world for his music composition. Music is not just an art but indeed a life that enlightens the soul.

Mariette Sheryl Lorraine

Music ...

Music is what fills the tantrums of a toddler and the whimpering of the trees. It is what that the lonely arctic winds sing and the rising bright sun brings. Music is something more exotic than any known beverage and more comforting than a cozy warm bed.
Ever changing as generations pass, music is always the language of unspeakable emotions. More eloquent than any language, it is what that unleashes the spirit of happiness. Nothing can replace it’s shoulder of warmth or sparkle of joy.
Whatever would the world do?....without the sound and silence of music to undo it’s eternal spirit!

- Deepthi V

Rhythms Of Life ...

Opened my eyes and saw two pure souls over the moon and took me close to their chest….I started yelling out…The first musical note in everyone’s life, sorry if I’m not wrong, the first noisical note. Patting me with love, care and affection, I laughed heartily. The best musical note in everyone’s life. From then, my life was so musical that I forgot to realize my past 15 years.
Thumbs in my mouth, I was there at kinder garden. My favorite music started there and still hangs on with me every day when I wish my teachers “Goood Moooooooooorning Maaa’aaam……” It’s been my best and favorite tone from kinder garden and even now I don’t mind people yelling at my best song ever in my life.
Rhythms Of Life ...
To be frank, my musical journey started there. Singing alphabets, rhymes and songs made a clear tone to my music. Although now I don’t sing my childhood songs and rhymes now, all these have affected me.
Today I’m able to hear the rattling of leaves, buzzing of bees and whispering of the wind more clearly than ever before. Only then did I realize in my life that nature is not just adorable, gorgeous and gentle but very musical. From then my quest to hear the nature grew more strongly and wildly.
The crashing and soothing waves that touched my feet made me gentler. The applaudous thunder sometimes makes me stand on my toes. The sweet chirping of birds and insects made my garden look even more beautiful. My musical quest will never come to an end! Indeed it is just the Beginning……..

- Sudharsan V

The Myriad Hues of Music ...

Why is it that emotionally distressed souls signal ‘SOS’, to recapture cocktail’s attention? What is it that, that deprives them of a real ecstatic meaning in living? Do they have to doom their lives into a shrinking cocoon? The solution, ‘NO!’ dumb those revile, heart attacking mouths and soothes the breathless soul’s weep.
Yes! Certainly, there are daggers called MUSIC, shielding these pity peace wanderers at the murkiest twist in their own tale. In fact music is supposedly the universal theme of ‘INTERNAL MENTAL CURE’ that resides in all electrifying cardiac core.
Music ... My life ...
It’s a momentum success when the temporal lobes activate at the nick of time, just after the ossicles dance in unison. Thanks to the richest elements, nature has bestowed with chirps and crows. The rhythmic brook gently glides upon the cobblestones, thus adding to nature’s musical emotions. Then the breeze smears the dandelions and buttercups with the scent of blessings audibly. Soon these are overtaken by rock music of the firmament. i.e. the occasional guffaws of electrical disturbances. Finally, the old world, like a cauldron deliciously cooks the sweetest elements of nature with a bit of real spicy music. This so called ingredient has played a part and parcel in this theatrical expanse of globe, but wait….
Just now someone could feel the intensity and purity of a song. It hums LUB-DUB, LUB-DUB,…. In fact, her veins so rhapsodize and she is undergoing a nerve cure. She’s actually preparing to experience the outside guitar as soon as she steps out from this cozy world named womb!
Wow, it amazes me, when, there are myriad tongues that can speak music in a tune of unique speciality. It’s like the nature curling aglow, showing her silver locks, just to express blessing’s presence even among disguised bait. So the disguise is like the reeking hell , bombarded with the dropouts in life. Also, the blessing turns out to be the MUSIC that these ‘train of baffled’ have in common. Yes, once again music is at the nick of time to pep up the disappointed and the neglected. Thanks to her patience in dealing with these intricate features and sufferings.
Alright, all will be well, as dictated in the prophecy, till there’s the eternal music etching to our immortal self. Thereby, also accompanying us as a true compensation for the lacerations of our feelings. (or either as another hue in our rather drab black and white life)

- Kani Mozhi S