Thursday, 30 August 2012

Rhythms Of Life ...

Opened my eyes and saw two pure souls over the moon and took me close to their chest….I started yelling out…The first musical note in everyone’s life, sorry if I’m not wrong, the first noisical note. Patting me with love, care and affection, I laughed heartily. The best musical note in everyone’s life. From then, my life was so musical that I forgot to realize my past 15 years.
Thumbs in my mouth, I was there at kinder garden. My favorite music started there and still hangs on with me every day when I wish my teachers “Goood Moooooooooorning Maaa’aaam……” It’s been my best and favorite tone from kinder garden and even now I don’t mind people yelling at my best song ever in my life.
Rhythms Of Life ...
To be frank, my musical journey started there. Singing alphabets, rhymes and songs made a clear tone to my music. Although now I don’t sing my childhood songs and rhymes now, all these have affected me.
Today I’m able to hear the rattling of leaves, buzzing of bees and whispering of the wind more clearly than ever before. Only then did I realize in my life that nature is not just adorable, gorgeous and gentle but very musical. From then my quest to hear the nature grew more strongly and wildly.
The crashing and soothing waves that touched my feet made me gentler. The applaudous thunder sometimes makes me stand on my toes. The sweet chirping of birds and insects made my garden look even more beautiful. My musical quest will never come to an end! Indeed it is just the Beginning……..

- Sudharsan V

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